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Our Story

The Idea

CamelliaBlack came to be a few years ago in the winter of 2021. It was a cold NYC day and the sun had gone down by 4 PM which is typical of this time of year. I was a bit under the weather and walked over to my pantry to grab some tea.

As I open the cupboard, I see a "cinnamon and orange" flavored tea and decide to make myself a cup.

To my surprise, I tasted neither cinnamon nor orange in this tea. It was bland and soul less, all bark and no bite. 

At that moment, I had a simple thought: "I can do better than this..."

The Blends

All of the blends you will experience are painstakingly testing and tried my our team. The goal is to provide a strong flavor in each one of our packages.

Please enjoy the aromatic and strong taste of our mozambique black tea and stay tuned for more flavors to launch in 2024!